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Square Root Clinic is a leading hair transplant, skin, & laser clinic in Patna, run by renowned dermatologist, cosmetologist, & hair transplant surgeon  Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti. Square Root offers a very safe, economical, & world-class medical treatment that suits every customer & international client.

About Square Root Clinic

Meet Best Dermatologist & Skin Clinic in Patna

Square Root is a Leading Hair Transplant, laser & Skin Clinic in Patna which is run by renowned Dermatologists, Cosmetologist & Hair Transplant surgeon Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti.

Square Root offers a very safe, economical & world-class medical treatment that suits to every customers & international clients. We have highly experienced Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Hair Transplant Surgeons who provides all types of Skin & Hair related solution to our patrons.

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Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti

Best Dermatologist in Patna

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Our Services

What Service We Offer

Explore our comprehensive skin treatments, including facials, laser therapy, and acne solutions, tailored to rejuvenate and enhance your skin.

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Hair Transplant
Great customer experience and satisfied patients.
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Anti Ageing
Treatments to keep your look best at any age.
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Botox has been long in various medical treatments
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Laser Hair Removal
Cosmetic procedure to saying goodbye to unwanted hairs.
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Skin Tightening
Less invasive than surgical options, like face lifts.
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Filler Treatment
Dermal fillers cab transform your appearance.

Looking for a Body Contouring?

We're always accepting new patients! We believe in providing the best possible care to all our existing patients and welcome new patients to sample the service we have to offer.


Our Treatment Procedures

Discover our advanced skin treatment procedures designed to rejuvenate, heal, and enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Transform your skin today!

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Hair Transplant

treatment 3

Carbon Facial

treatment 2


treatment 4

Chemical Peel

treatment 5


treatment 6

Hair Loss

treatment 7


treatment 10

Skin Tightening

treatment 11

Thread Lift

treatment 9

Skin Rejuvenation

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Laser Hair Removal

Our Approach

Why Choose Us?

Choose us for exceptional care, expertise, and personalized attention, ensuring safe, comfortable, and successful surgical experiences with modern equipment.

High Standard of surgery

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our patients and ensuring that your surgical experience is as safe, comfortable, and successful as possible.

Committed Surgical Team

You are selecting a surgical team that is committed to providing you with exceptional care, expertise, and personalized attention for best possible surgical outcomes.

Modern Equipment

We ensures that you receive the highest standard of care that utilizes modern equipment to enhance the accuracy, safety, and effectiveness of surgical procedures.


Patient Testimonials

Dr jyotirmaybharti has a very good approach towards her patients Have treated my hair fall problem really well and I can see positive results.

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Priyanka Rajput Model

Fantastic Staff, comfortable atmosphere, and quality service. Dr Jyotirmaybharti has helped with my skin issues and I feel happy the way my skin feels now.

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Akshara Singh Actor

I was thinking of hair transplant. But was worried and scared about the surgery. But at Squareroot, Doctors and staff made me comfortable by answering my queries.

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Manohar Bhatia Student


Frequently Asked Questions

Your surgeon will provide you with specific post- operative instructions and guidelines for managing pain, wound care, and activity restrictions.

Your surgeon will provide guidance on when it is safe to resume specific activities and gradually increase your level of exertion.

Your surgeon will prescribe pain management strategies, which may include medications, ice packs, heat therapy, or other techniques.

Your surgeon will schedule follow-up appointments as necessary to monitor your progress and ensure proper healing.

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