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Do you have loose and saggy facial skin? Square Root, a well-known cosmetic clinic with a team of trained cosmetologists and dermatologists, offers a safe and effective thread-lift treatment in Patna that can tighten your skin.

Thread Lift Treatment in Patna

Ageing has a direct impact on your facial appearance, and it loses its elasticity, leading to saggy, loose, and wrinkled skin.

A thread lift is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that tightens loose facial skin. It is also known as “lunchtime face lift” because it is a very quick procedure that requires minimal downtime. Unlike face lifts, thread lifts are a very good option for people looking for a painless cosmetic process.

How Is a Thread Lift Done?

Thread lift treatment is an outpatient procedure, which means it is done at the doctor’s clinic, without being admitted. This cosmetic procedure usually takes an hour and is performed under local anaesthesia, where your doctors numb your skin so that you experience minimal or no pain during the procedure.

During thread lift treatment, trained professionals will use a thin needle, known as a cannula, to insert the threads into the skin. The insertion of threads may take more than half an hour, and after this, the doctor will remove the needle.

The threads that are placed on the specific area will now be pulled by the specialist to lift the saggy skin and achieve the desired results. After the procedure, you might feel a little discomfort and pain but that can go away within a few days.

What are the locations for a thread lift?

There are specific areas on the face that lose strength over time. Following are some of the locations where thread lift treatments are most commonly done.

  • Under-eye-area
  • Cheeks
  • Smile lines
  • Double chin
  • Neck
  • Jowls and Jawline

Advantages of Thread Lifting

Thread lifting includes tiny needles and threads that are inserted into the skin, which promotes the body’s natural collagen production. There are various benefits to thread lifting procedures, and those include the following:

  • Reduces wrinkles Because of the natural production of collagen through thread lifting, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and also plump the face, which reduces wrinkles on the face, eyes, and neck.
  • Improves skin texture and laxity The texture of the skin becomes smooth as the procedure induces natural collagen that also boosts hydration and eliminates the rough textures of the skin.
  • Minimally invasive procedure Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that requires no incision or scarring and involves minimal downtime. Unlike other facelift surgeries, it is considered the best option for people nowadays as it is less risky and more effective.
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Who is a good candidate for a thread lift procedure?

The thread lift procedure is usually beneficial for people who

  • Coping with premature ageing
  • Do not want cosmetic surgery
  • Earlier, they had a facelift and wanted to refresh their results
  • Comes in the age group of 35 to 40 years

Say goodbye to your saggy skin with Thread Lift in Patna

Does your loose and saggy skin drop your confidence? Square Root is a renowned cosmetic clinic in Patna that helps people regain their youthful appearance. We have a team of experienced cosmetologists and dermatologists who provide extensive care and guidance throughout the cosmetic procedures, including thread lifts. Schedule your appointment with us to help you gain your confidence back.

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